It all started with the school exchange between the grammar school 'Freiherr-vom-Stein Gymnasium' and the 'Collège Saint-Laurent' in 2011. The idea of town twinning resulted from this exchange and after getting to know each other and visiting the cities a couple of times, the town twinnng was made official by the mayors Martin Voigt and Jean-Michel Buf signing the partnership contract in Blain. Both cities want to vouch for the European idea with being twin towns Beide Städte möchten mit der Partnerschaft für die europäische Idee einstehen. Because of that the encounters between the citizens from Germany and France have an high value. 

The mayor Martin Voigt is visiting Blain 


Founding of the committee for town twinning in Oldenburg

July 2016

Journey of the committee to Blain and the first contact between clubs and associations

October 2016

Visit of the mayor Jean-Michel Buf to Oldenburg and common declaration of intent towards town twinning.

December 2016

Signing of the contract for town twinning and multisports tournament in Blain

August 2017

Prix Rovan of the french ambassadress

January 2018

Promotion prize of the 'Familie Mehdorn Stiftung'

May 2018

Ceremony within the bounds of the Parkfest

June 2018

Creation of the association

October 2019