The committee plans various activities to bring home the town twinning project to all citizens of Oldenburg. We either meet our friends from Blain in an open framework or we organize events in Oldenburg where everybody's invited. We often take part in other projects or support them with our ideas and our network. But Blain, France or Europe is always playing a leading role because we are not restricted in one's thinking.

June 2021

One week with french authors in Oldenburg's library 


22. - 26th January

Celebration of the german-french days with lightenings in Oldenburg



Cinema event at Lichtblick-Filmtheater


Cinema event at Lichtblick-Filmtheater


Speech animation with a tandem course

Vocational school in Oldenburg in Holstein - leadership: R. Doescher


Virtual tour with trainees from Blain

Digital junction, Oldenburg in Holstein


Christmas market

Markt, Oldenburg in Holstein